Telepathy-The Complete How To Guide

Have you ever felt the sudden urge to call someone immediately or do you find yourself thinking about someone suddenly without any need to? Then ,voila, you have experienced telepathy. Though things like these happen to everyone most of the times, we rarely pay notice to it.

Have you long been fascinated by the idea of communicating with someone without actually talking to them. Or are you one among those who scoff at the idea? Either way, this post is for you!

We have all experienced a feeling of uneasiness prior to something bad happening. It may be a death of  a close family member or an event which may cause you a lot of pain. Most of us, if in tune with our instincts, have felt this.That’s also a form of telepathy.

Telepathy is mind-to-mind communication and everyone of us innately possess this ability,but rarely do we use it.However, what if we could use this dormant power consciously? 

The best part , telepathy does not require you to be a medium or a psychic! Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to communicate with only your mind!

  1. Relax : The first and foremost step before you start is being in a relaxed state of mind. It’s only when you are relaxed, all your senses are heightened and your subconscious mind takes over.Try practicing meditation or observing your breath until you’re in an ideal relaxed state,preferably in the alpha state.
  2. Visualize : This is a basic exercise which helps improve your chances of receiving or sending messages through telepathy. Imagine this scenario as you close your eyes : Imagine you’re in the park and sitting on a bench by yourself. You see a balloon seller and a young child. The child has 7 balloons in her hand,the colours of the rainbow. On by one, the child let’s lose the 7 balloons and you follow the balloons with your eyes till it reaches a point in the sky where, you can no longer see it. Repeat this for all the 7 balloons. Quite strenuous I know, but this enhances your visualisation skills which is quite mandatory for telepathy! Try to make this visualisation as vivid as possible!
  3. Find a partner and begin telepathy : This step is very crucial – the sender and receiver should both believe in telepathy. You should not have any doubts! 

First off , have a good mental image of your partner. If possible, before you start, look at their picture and try to remember as many details. Being vivid is key! Close you eyes and start imagining that your partner is sitting very close to you. You can also imagine that you have a transparent glass tube connecting your foreheads (symbolic to send and receive messages through mind) to improve your chances. An alternate way is to imagine that your partner and you are on the phone.

Later , start by imagining a very simple object, an apple for instance. Imagine it’s dark red colour , it’s juiciness and similar attributes. Again, make it as vivid as possible! Now, imagine that you’re sending the apple (your message) through the glass tube. 

It’s always better to infuse a lot of emotions and vividness to your message , because emotions are easily sensed than words and sentences. Here’s an example:You are so happy and carefree and suddenly you pass by a friend who’s very depressed and lonely and after a while of talking, you start to feel sad for no apparent reason. Have you felt this? If so, that’s how telepathy works, you’re sad because the other person’s emotions affect yours and the effect is more strong if you are very close to them! 

So, If you’re trying telepathy for the first time, there’s a high chance it will work, if you are doing it with someone you are emotionally close.

How to know if your message was sent ? : Other than the obvious calling and asking them, when do you stop sending your message? This is crucial. While sending your message , at a certain time, you will have this undeniable feeling that your message has been sent. This feeling can’t be faked. If you’ve been trying for 15 minutes and still  haven’t got this feeling, try at a later time.


During your first experience , it’s completely alright to feel a bit strange, but there’s nothing to fear. Embrace your abilities and nurture them.

Have a story or your first experience to share, feel free to comment below.

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