Dear Soldier

A heartfelt ode to the real warriors who stand there at the borders, in the biting cold , fighting so that we have our freedom. Salute to those selfless souls !

I’ll stand there by the door,
Waving uncertainly at your retreating figure,
With a smile I wish you could say was real!
I’ll write you letters,
With my trembling hands
And teary eyes.
A thousand words-
Can never tell you,
How much I miss you !
I’ll send you my love and my hugs,
I’ll tell you our country needs you,
Though I need you-
Like the air I breathe!
I say a silent prayer,
The days you hold a rifle.
I wait with bated breath,
A yearning in my heart-
For the day – I could caress your
Innocent smiling face,
For when I can be lost in your soulful brown orbs,
For when I can memorise your features – for the lonely days ahead!
Sometimes, a sick thought gnaws at my heart,
Tugging until it envelopes me,
Hope comes in your letter,
Saying you’re alright-
And I cry a happy tear,
My heart does a silent dance,
I know I’ll always share you-
With our country ,
Which you so loyally serve,
Days passing like a year,
Without you by my side,
Sleepless nights spent ,
With both of us miles apart.
Staring at your photo,
Tearing at your letters ,
All signed “Forever yours”!
That’s how I find my peace and hope,
Every day , for 6 months to go,
I yearn for you to come home,
While you stand there in the army fields,
My nation’s hero, with the rifle in your steady hand.
Come back safe and sound , my soldier!

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