Difficult Decision To Make : Ask Your Subconscious!

“The answers you seek , never come when the mind is busy. They come when the mind is free.”

Did you know that your subconscious mind has the uncanny ability to answer all your question(yes,even the weird ones and the ones google can’t).

Did you know, before you made a conscious decision, your subconscious mind actually made that decision long ago?

How often have you wondered how you suddenly got an answer to a long-lost question you previously were breaking your head about? Have you felt that “eureka moment”. Now, think back and recall as when you had these flashes of insight? I’d bet it was most certainly when you were engrossed in your mundane activities , when your mind is relaxed!

Though scientists around the world have still not completely analysed the grey matter inside our heads, they are quite certain about the fact that everyone has an infinite power source within us, which many rather fail to use: the untapped power of the subconscious mind!

The subconscious mind carries infinite wisdom and knowledge from a life time of learning. Your subconscious mind holds a lot of veiled power that doesn’t fail to astound , some ignore it due to its simplicity!

Looking at the right places for answers makes the quest much more easier. The best part is you don’t need to be a psychic or a medium. The only thing you need is a firm belief in your subconscious mind and it’s uncanny ability to bring you the “right” answers. The answers, decisions you make subconsciously are almost always right. That’s why it’s always said that the first decision which pops up is probably the best. That is the decision of your subconscious and overthinking it will only waste more of your time!

Here are two methods which I use to seek answers to my questions:

  1. Sleep on your question :  Yes, you read that right. It really is very simple and this is what lures many people away from believing in it. It’s quite simple. There’s no fixed procedure to follow. Just decide on a question you need an answer. Ask your subconscious for the answer. Repeat the question a few times for it to be instilled deep into your conscious brain so that the subconscious takes note of it. The catch is, to not keep an alarm to wake up in the morning. You’d find yourself awake when the answer strikes you. Many a times, the answer may be direct or it may be in the form of a metaphor or you may even receive your answer in dreams. But the point is , the subconscious always answers our questions, provided we need to look at things in a different way! Pay close attention to your thoughts or dreams as soon as you wake up, because those might necessarily be the answer to your question. If you haven’t figured out the answer and if your’e still wondering why your subconscious didn’t present you with one, don’t fret, try again, ask your subconscious mind to present the answer clearly. Chances are at some point of your day, the answer might just “click” all of a sudden when you were engrossed in something else.
  2. Write it out : Sounds, simple enough? When you write down your thoughts about something, your’e most likely to stumble on an answer compared to when your thinking about it for a long time. The reason?  Writing is a creative activity and creativeness invokes calmness in your mind , that’s when the subconscious is easily accessable! The thing is , just write it out.Write whatever comes to your mind, don’t focus on your grammar or spelling, just let your thoughts flow. Then , several hours later or after a day, go through whatever you have penned down. Your answer might pop at you when you least expect it!

The important thing to know is that after you have asked a question to your subconscious mind, take your mind away from it. Don’t dwell on that question for long. It only lengthens the time you need to wait for your answer. Distract your conscious mind from the question at hand, by channelizing your energy to something productive, so that your subconscious has time to mull over your question. Meditation, perhaps can be done.

Remember, you already have the answer to your question. Whatever , dilemma you are in, you already know the solution out of it, you just have to draw it out from the subconscious mind. Your answers might pop at you from anywhere , be it in your dreams too. That’s why it’s very essential to have a dream journal to record your dreams. Click on this to know more about dreams and how to decode them.

There is absolutely no reason to be spooked out by this phenomenon , following the above mentioned activities will only heighten your receptiveness to your subconscious mind, and that’s when you will realise what you have been missing in life so far and how you can be the author of your own life , crafting a wonderful destiny for yourself!

P.S : Feel free to share your experiences and enlighten others on how you received your answers by following these methods or through some other means in the comments below.a



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