Don’t Quit!

Emotions And Poetry

“Understanding is an art and not everyone are artists!”

This poem is not aimed at being inspirational, though it may sound like it. Its just a consolation for many people who are going through tough times. We may not know their problems, nor can we give them solutions, but we surely can empathise with them.

So for everyone out there, who is going through something difficult, just hold on , everything is temporary! Things will change for the better!

Oh, beautiful soul:

Don’t let today’s problems bring you  down,

Don’t let others’  words pierce your soul

Cry all you want,

But don’t you dare quit!

Respite for a while, but rise with hope

‘Cos you simply are no quitter!

Sometimes the road may be going uphill

But walk anyway!

Sometimes your life may seem , nothing but struggles ,

But fight anyway!

When you know you’ve had –

Your own…

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