The 15 Day Rule

How many of us have been in situations where we just can’t decide and feel we have too many options. If  your’e one of those people , well, join the club!

When making a decision, especially when it involves a fight between your heart and brain, most of us , just get irritated , worn out and avoid making the decision altogether. But we do realize that we can’t keep running away from making a  decision.

Everyone of us know that decisions made in haste or anger or any heightened emotion for that mater , would always almost be wrong. Anger clouds our brain and reasoning ability. We ultimately end up regretting the decision.

This is one method I follow when I’m having a difficult choice deciding what to do. The ideal solution will be to relax your mind and avoid thinking about the problem the whole time.

If you are time-pressed , then follow this technique:

  1. Keep your mind engaged and away from the decision at hand. This is to make the mind calm so, it’s easier to make a good decision.
  2. For most of us, relaxing does not come naturally, especially when there is a major decision to be taken. But relaxing is major. Meditation and observing your breath can be very useful at these times.
  3. Meditating for half an hour is ideal. After you have calmed down, focus on the decision you need to take.
  4. List out all the pros and cons of it and analyse it with both your heart and mind.
  5. It’s very important for you , while taking a decision that you strike a balance between your heart and mind.

 Read more in this post on how to sync your heart and mind :

If your fortunate and are not time-pressed to take a decision instantly , then what you have to do is quite simple.Just wait for 15 days! Yes, you read it right. But it’s not as easy as it seems.

For a few days, distract yourself from the problem or a decision you have to make.It’s going to keep popping up, but just avoid thinking about it for a long time. If it’s a hard decision you have to take, it’s going to make you more anxious,  which is exactly what we don’t want. When you let your mind loose, away from the problem, you will stop stressing about it and it will make things clearer in a different perspective. For most of us, after a few days, the problem/decision is not going to look so daunting as it seemed days before! It will make you take decisions with necessary logic, not completely blinded by your emotions.When you feel you are distanced enough from the problem(it doesn’t make you anxious), meditate if you want to feel relaxed and just go for it! Make your decision and voila, you have finally made that difficult decision!

So, happy decision-making!


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