15 Interesting Life Lessons That Can Change Your Life For Good!

Howdy and happy new year to all the readers out there!

The year 2016 was so valuable and memorable one . Leaving behind 2016 I have a weird feeling of euphoria and melancholy which can not be described otherwise. I had my own share of happiness and lessons I learnt through this year.I’d like to think I’ve reached the epitome of learning life lessons in this past year. Some  learning it the hard way, some barely scraping through , I’d like to share some of my thoughts.

  1. Hold your self respect high : This is a very important lesson everyone needs to know in life. No matter who it is or for whatever reason you think is very important , I can assure you your self respect is worth more. Don’t have doubts in it.


 2. Be self dependent : Don’t depend on others for anything. It slowly kills your self confidence and makes you doubt your abilities.Its a silent killer, you will never realize it until it unfolds in the end and that’s going to be really bad.

 3. Stop chasing things or people : The beauty of life is that when you chase anything it evades you. Do your job, don’t beg for anything or anyone to be in your life.Whatever and whoever is necessary will find a way to be in your life. You don’t have to keep chasing.

4. Accept, let go and move on : This is something which everyone of us can relate to. No matter whatever people do , learn to forgive them, accept and move on, not for their sake but to preserve your sanity and peace. Respect yourself enough to let go at  the right time.


5. Stop comparing yourself with others:

Comparing myself with people who seem to be better than me in life , brought me nothing but intense sadness, feelings of worthlessness and bouts of depression. I had this cycle going on about in my life for quite a time!

But after some time, I realised that comparing doesn’t take me anywhere in life.Instead, I took time to analyse myself.Anytime I felt myself falling into the trap,I would just stop and think again, where I stand and sometimes, I write down my goals in life and how I am going to achieve it. That makes me feel a lot better , because having a plan and taking a step toward it is far better than sitting and moping!So the next time I see someone who I can look up to, I can’t stop my feelings of jealousy and admiration, but I learnt to control it. I learnt to look beyond that and do whatever I have to do to get close to my goal.

“Others can be a great source of inspiration and learning for you, but don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself with them.They’ll always be someone richer, more beautiful,more successful more adventurous, more admired.Such is life.Instead of comparing yourself to them, be the best version of you”.

 6. Do what you have to do. Don’t expect results or appreciation from anyone.That is not your duty. ( This is my favorite lesson from The Bhagwad Gita).

7.Don’t go behind people or things. It’s just not worth it. Have your self-respect intact.If someone wants to be in your life they will always make an effort to stay. You don’t have to keep begging.

8.Stop getting too tensed and stay calm in any situation.

9. Don’t attach yourself too much to anything. Enough said :


10. Stop living in your past.Your past is your past for a reason. Leave all your past mistakes, guilts and everything where it belongs. The only reason you need to look back is to remember the lesson and not the mistakes! Learn to learn form your mistakes , not mop about them.

11.Don’t trust everyone and let people in easily. Appearances are deceptive. But when you trust someone, there shouldn’t be any what ifs or doubts in your trust. Be loyal.

12.Sometimes, you may not get what you want in life. But accept things as they come, strive for something better , don’t lose hope, if things are meant to be, then it will be yours.

13.Trust and have confidence in your abilities. No matter how many people belittle you and put you down , keep mum and act. You are more than you think you are.

14.It’s fine to put your ego aside to make relationships last.But there’s a thin line between ego and self-respect.Don’t compromise too much.You are important too. Walk away when you realize that you are the only one who is making efforts to make any relationship last.


 15. Don’t judge people. Don’t jump to conclusions. There’s always another point of view to a problem.Give the other person time to explain things, analyse and then decide. Hasty decisions are mostly always wrong ones.

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