How To Sync Your Heart and Mind To Improve your Decision-Making Skills

Authors : Vinoth. S , Monisha.B

Remember the numerous times when you found yourself in an internal crisis, your heart going after your desire, your mind warning you to not do that again!

Everyone of us have invariably gone through the struggle of decision making. All those voices in your head , the non-stop banter which is never ending..if only you could stop those two incessant voices! Its a situation none would have escaped!


 I bet , when most of you saw the question, you felt you had to  make a decision! You had to “choose” , between your heart and mind. Many times in life we don’t even realize that we don’t have to choose!  Life is not always about having to choose.The truth be said, it’s only when you stress yourself to choose one among two, that’s where the problem rises, sometimes, it’s not the decision that gives you the headaches!

We have to realize that we don’t have to be engaged in the constant battle between the two, sometimes you just have to let one decide.

If you see someone screaming in pain in an accident,then instead of panicking –  calm down your heart and let your mind to think logically. It’s one of the situations, where you should let your mind take over rather than your first instincts to stay away!

There are situations where we must let both go hand in hand. We should learn to balance both.

When you are seeing a child begging in the road , most of us pity the child , offer some money and mind our own business. But let’s stop for a while and think. Children should be educated , not left on the roads to beg for their needs. Use your logical mind at times too. Money might go in the wrong hands or for wrong deeds. Instead, try to offer some food or other basic needs, if you are very kind-hearted, take some steps to educate the child too!

Identify The voices in your head :

Your heart voice is very subtle and is often ignored.People call it the gut instinct. It doesn’t scream to be noticed, it comes as a soft warning and without logic.For some people , they experience it by “seeing images” in the mind, for some they “ hear a voice” for some, its just a feeling that something is not right.These signs are very subtle , pay close attention to it.

The minds voice has no problem in identifying itself.Its the one which is the loudest , practically screaming at you.Its the voice that stops you from following your instincts.But not every time we should find logic in our decisions.

At times, you should trust your gut. It never deceives you.

The best way to strike a balance :

The next time you can’t stop the voices in your head, just pause and pay attention to the voices,the language of the mind and the language of your heart. Those two seem to never agree , but when you are able to strike a balance between the two , that’s when you would have good decision making skills.

The best way to strike this balance is to observe yourself. Be your own watcher. Pay attention to the different voices.

The best way to strengthen the connection is meditation.When you are caught between two ends, don’t panic. Close your eyes and meditate. Learn to listen to both the voices.

“ Meditation is not running away from reality, its not a state of concentration, in fact its a state of de-concentration.Its a state of heightened conscious awareness”.

At times when meditation is not possible, just watch your breath.Relax your mind, shut it out, that’s when you will hear your hearts voice. Its when your heart speaks, your thoughts change course and when your thoughts change, your life changes !

Take control of your emotions. Do not attach yourself to emotions. Fell them , express them in the appropriate way and move on.

When you take control of your emotions, your thoughts change likewise.  When your thoughts change , so does your actions. Your actions are your habits in disguise. Your habits have the power to change your life!


Next time, instead of venting your anger out at someone , wait, don’t do the first thing you want to..don’t react. Wait and then respond.

Remember the age old adage ” practice makes you perfect” .Well, it applies here too.This is not something you can build in a day or two, it takes time and at the end you will be a more mature person in life.

Strengthen the heart-mind connection to have a better life. “ Follow your heart , but don’t forget to take your mind with you !”

When your heart and mind are in accord, that’s when you live a peaceful and harmonious life.



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