10 Amazing Things To Do When You Feel Low

Everyone of us invariably go through times in life when we feel low , thoughts of worthlessness  creep into our mind.These are times which challenge us to be “us”. At times, I was lucky to have a confidant, but at the end I learnt an important lesson.
Here are some of the things I’ve tried to do when I’m feeling low and all of them have worked out.So we all know that life is a roller coaster ride , everyone enjoys during the ups  but here are ways to find fun in the lows too..!
  1.  images-39
    “When life tries to bring you down , just dance!” 
     Sounds too simple and too good to be true right? But this is the first thing I’d resort to after a day full of unpleasantness.
    I seriously am no  “Dancing queen” , but still don’t we all love to dance when we hear our favourite song. After all everyone needs our share of “me” time , feel free to close your room and party!(if you feel very bashful)  Oh , don’t forget , the music on full blast.I guarantee you that maybe you may feel low at first, but after this, you are definitely going to feel awesome!
    2. Pick up a series of fiction :
    The words of Mason Cooley are so very true!
    When you read fiction you live a 100 lives. Momentarily you forget the problems of your life and you become so engrossed in your own fantasy world. Its good sometimes to just be able to shut out your problems and live the life of someone you’ll never meet!
    3. Talk to your confidant :Sometimes-talking-to-your-best-friend-is-the-only-therapy-you-need.jpg
    There’s no better cure for a low soul than just spitting it all out. What are your besties for when you can’t count on them when you need them the most. Just spit it all out to someone and I found that I don’t care if the person understands the problem, my anger and frustration is out, in the end that’s all we need , a person who cares enough to listen!
    4 Write ! : Not everyone of us are lucky to to have a listening ear at all times.That’s when your journal saves you. This is pretty simple and that’s why I love this.You just have to write your heart out, no need to worry about grammar and whether what you write makes sense too. Just let your thoughts flow out , let go of your fears, insecurities and everything that bothers you. Here’s another tidbit: your diary is too loyal to be judgmental!
    5. Cry it out : Sometimes, it’s alright to cry. I’m a person who wants my own privacy, I prefer to cry in the confines of my own home where eyes won’t pry at me. Crying it out with all the bouts of”why me” works out. You will definitely get the pain out of you. Actually I figured out that crying rejuvenates you!
    6. Exercise:
” Exercise is the most potent and under utilized anti-depressant”. Did you know that working out reduces feelings of depression and stress? When you exercise , your brain is involved in coordinating with your body which provides relief from the problem at hand. I’m not a fitness freak , but yes , you should try exercising a bit,
7. Positive affirmations : Did you know your subconscious mind is always paying attention to your thoughts and feelings.This will cause a huge impact on your personality and hence your life. That’s totally the idea behind The Law of attraction and it’s why you should be aware of your thoughts.
Have you tried telling yourself that it’s going to be alright? Try this simple exercise : Whenever you feel thoughts which pull you down , have anxiety attacks or you feel worthless , just steal a moment for yourself,close your eyes, acknowledge that thought and take a deep breath.Acknowledging means paying attention without attaching any emotions with it. Then it’s quite simple. You just have to say these words to yourself “I am a strong person. I’ve been through worse situations and guess what I emerged better than my problems.I will stay strong , no matter what”. This normally helps me and go ahead , be creative and try your own “positive affirmations”
8. Take a break and stop doing what your doing : There’s something weird about this.It’s that the reverse works for some people too. you know the kind who work till they drop to  hide away from their feelings. But personally, it says that you are weaker than your problems and you are scared of them. I don’t want to pay heed to those rubbish and you now what , I take a step further to prove my point.
“Anyone can run away , it’s super easy.Facing problems and working through them , that’s what makes you strong”
Be unique among those many people who just choose to run far away from what they fear.It actually leaves you ecstatic after you’ve faced your problems head-on. That feeling of awe and respect for yourself, that’s incomparable!
9.Play with pets :
Everyone knows this. Playing with pets is a huge stress-buster. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a  loving pet who just stares and adores at you as if you were the whole meaning for their existence? Cherish those moments , because it’s always the small things that make life worth it!
10. Listen to some inspirational things: This is too cliche but still if you are searching for immediate inspiration there’s an ocean out there to satiate your needs!
The bonus : Save yourself , stray clear of negative people : This has a huge impact on you.Always surround yourself with positive people.Please do yourself a favour and stay away from people who suck the energy out of you and demotivate you.
Do you remember the important lesson I learnt through all my lows. There always won’t be someone telling us it’s going to be alright.It’s all in us , it’s not the problem . but how we see it, that makes all the difference. It’s entirely up to us if we want to sit and cry letting the problems eat at you , or you can still be happy. It’s all what we perceive it to be.
Take solace in the fact that “Change is the only constant in life,Everything is temporary”.
You’ve had it in you before and you have it in you now. So cheer up and “live” your life.
Who said that you only live once? You live everyday and every moment. The choice is yours. Choose if you want to just “survive” or”live”!
Happy living , to all the inspiring souls out there (Yes, that’s you too)
P.S:Feel free to leave your comments and share your experiences on how you showed life that you were better than your problems.I’d love to know how you deal with your tough times.


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    Awesome! 🙂

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      Thanks and I feel glad that it helped you!

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