Difficult Decision To Make : Ask Your Subconscious!

“The answers you seek , never come when the mind is busy. They come when the mind is free.”

Did you know that your subconscious mind has the uncanny ability to answer all your question(yes,even the weird ones and the ones google can’t).

Did you know, before you made a conscious decision, your subconscious mind actually made that decision long ago?

How often have you wondered how you suddenly got an answer to a long-lost question you previously were breaking your head about? Have you felt that “eureka moment”. Now, think back and recall as when you had these flashes of insight? I’d bet it was most certainly when you were engrossed in your mundane activities , when your mind is relaxed!

Though scientists around the world have still not completely analysed the grey matter inside our heads, they are quite certain about the fact that everyone has an infinite power source within us, which many rather fail to use: the untapped power of the subconscious mind!

The subconscious mind carries infinite wisdom and knowledge from a life time of learning. Your subconscious mind holds a lot of veiled power that doesn’t fail to astound , some ignore it due to its simplicity!

Looking at the right places for answers makes the quest much more easier. The best part is you don’t need to be a psychic or a medium. The only thing you need is a firm belief in your subconscious mind and it’s uncanny ability to bring you the “right” answers. The answers, decisions you make subconsciously are almost always right. That’s why it’s always said that the first decision which pops up is probably the best. That is the decision of your subconscious and overthinking it will only waste more of your time!

Here are two methods which I use to seek answers to my questions:

  1. Sleep on your question :  Yes, you read that right. It really is very simple and this is what lures many people away from believing in it. It’s quite simple. There’s no fixed procedure to follow. Just decide on a question you need an answer. Ask your subconscious for the answer. Repeat the question a few times for it to be instilled deep into your conscious brain so that the subconscious takes note of it. The catch is, to not keep an alarm to wake up in the morning. You’d find yourself awake when the answer strikes you. Many a times, the answer may be direct or it may be in the form of a metaphor or you may even receive your answer in dreams. But the point is , the subconscious always answers our questions, provided we need to look at things in a different way! Pay close attention to your thoughts or dreams as soon as you wake up, because those might necessarily be the answer to your question. If you haven’t figured out the answer and if your’e still wondering why your subconscious didn’t present you with one, don’t fret, try again, ask your subconscious mind to present the answer clearly. Chances are at some point of your day, the answer might just “click” all of a sudden when you were engrossed in something else.
  2. Write it out : Sounds, simple enough? When you write down your thoughts about something, your’e most likely to stumble on an answer compared to when your thinking about it for a long time. The reason?  Writing is a creative activity and creativeness invokes calmness in your mind , that’s when the subconscious is easily accessable! The thing is , just write it out.Write whatever comes to your mind, don’t focus on your grammar or spelling, just let your thoughts flow. Then , several hours later or after a day, go through whatever you have penned down. Your answer might pop at you when you least expect it!

The important thing to know is that after you have asked a question to your subconscious mind, take your mind away from it. Don’t dwell on that question for long. It only lengthens the time you need to wait for your answer. Distract your conscious mind from the question at hand, by channelizing your energy to something productive, so that your subconscious has time to mull over your question. Meditation, perhaps can be done.

Remember, you already have the answer to your question. Whatever , dilemma you are in, you already know the solution out of it, you just have to draw it out from the subconscious mind. Your answers might pop at you from anywhere , be it in your dreams too. That’s why it’s very essential to have a dream journal to record your dreams. Click on this to know more about dreams and how to decode them.

There is absolutely no reason to be spooked out by this phenomenon , following the above mentioned activities will only heighten your receptiveness to your subconscious mind, and that’s when you will realise what you have been missing in life so far and how you can be the author of your own life , crafting a wonderful destiny for yourself!

P.S : Feel free to share your experiences and enlighten others on how you received your answers by following these methods or through some other means in the comments below.a



Dreams – A Portal To Your Subconscious Mind

If I told you that the questions that haunt you for days together, the anxiety you feel towards certain situations, the life-changing decisions you are about to make , waiting for a little guidance and everything could be found in your dreams last night, you’d probably brand me  as a crazy person and recommend me a psychiatrist! But I challenge you to read this post and I bet you’d have a life-changing view !


Did you know that , on average you can dream anywhere from one or two hours every night and within 5 minutes of waking half of your dream is forgotten. Within 10, 90% is gone!

Many of us claim that we don’t dream often or go to the extent of saying that we don’t get dreams at all! But that certainly is not true.. In fact, dreams hold a more important part in our life than what meets the eyes.

Dreams hold a very important place in the discovery of the subconscious and it’s powers.Moreover,dreams are the subconscious’s natural way of communicating and telling our conscious mind the things we most often miss in our waking life. Some dreams serve as premonitions and some are just a reflection of the emotions we feel in our waking life.

Most of us are blissfully unaware of the power of our dreams.

Did you know that what you dream of has little to no meaning. Your dreams are not what you interpret it to be.

Why do we dream?

The human brain is still quite a mystery taunting us by  posing questions we still can’t discover answers to! Though people can’t seem to come to a conclusion on why we dream, there seems to be no shortage of explanations and numerous theories, all backed up with scientific reasons , of course !

The most common and the widely accepted theory is that the brain sifts through memories and collects important information which we are bombarded with in the day-time and rejects some others. While, this explains why we dream of daily trivial issues such as work place pressure , but still there are our unanswered dreams which we quite often label as weird!

The truth be told, we still have a lot to discover in areas concerning our grey matters. Until we know our brains, we just can’t conclude on why we dream and importantly , are dreams really important?

Image result for dreams and their real meanings quotes

Dreams And Their Meanings 

While, most of our dreams may seem pretty straight forward, we have all gone through dreams which doesn’t make sense at all. Little do we know that those dreams often hold symbols that can lead you to answering some of your long yearned questions.

Being chased by someone in you dreams is very common and did you know that your subconscious is asking you to face a situation or a person rather than running away from it? The next time you have this dream, analyse what you are running from in reality and face it. These dreams occur concurrently if the problem is not solved!


How To Track Your Dreams

 Keeping a dream journal is an important part of lucid dreaming. Fortunately, it’s easy and fun – and ultimately improves your awareness of the dream state, making it easier to wake up in dreams.

You don’t need to have a artsy book to write in. Just grab a book and keep it write next to your bedside and when you wake up from your  dream, write in it.

An important point to note is , to just keep writing what comes to mind. It may not sound logical at times, but just write it down.The details which you think are not important are indeed important. Things like the landscape you were in , the colour of your dress, the surroundings , everything matters and that’s why you should write down whatever you remember.It doesn’t matter if your grammar or language is bad. The main thing is to jot everything down.

How To Find “The Hidden Meaning Of Your Dreams” 

The first step is to analyze your dream . Think about how you felt in your dream. Your emotions and your feelings in your dream are very important. 

If you are not able to come to a conclusion , check out the dream dictionaries online. They might help you. But remember, no one can decode your dreams better than you.


P.S:  Read more about how to decode you dreams in the next blog post! Stay tuned.




15 Interesting Life Lessons That Can Change Your Life For Good!

Howdy and happy new year to all the readers out there!

The year 2016 was so valuable and memorable one . Leaving behind 2016 I have a weird feeling of euphoria and melancholy which can not be described otherwise. I had my own share of happiness and lessons I learnt through this year.I’d like to think I’ve reached the epitome of learning life lessons in this past year. Some  learning it the hard way, some barely scraping through , I’d like to share some of my thoughts.

  1. Hold your self respect high : This is a very important lesson everyone needs to know in life. No matter who it is or for whatever reason you think is very important , I can assure you your self respect is worth more. Don’t have doubts in it.


 2. Be self dependent : Don’t depend on others for anything. It slowly kills your self confidence and makes you doubt your abilities.Its a silent killer, you will never realize it until it unfolds in the end and that’s going to be really bad.

 3. Stop chasing things or people : The beauty of life is that when you chase anything it evades you. Do your job, don’t beg for anything or anyone to be in your life.Whatever and whoever is necessary will find a way to be in your life. You don’t have to keep chasing.

4. Accept, let go and move on : This is something which everyone of us can relate to. No matter whatever people do , learn to forgive them, accept and move on, not for their sake but to preserve your sanity and peace. Respect yourself enough to let go at  the right time.


5. Stop comparing yourself with others:

Comparing myself with people who seem to be better than me in life , brought me nothing but intense sadness, feelings of worthlessness and bouts of depression. I had this cycle going on about in my life for quite a time!

But after some time, I realised that comparing doesn’t take me anywhere in life.Instead, I took time to analyse myself.Anytime I felt myself falling into the trap,I would just stop and think again, where I stand and sometimes, I write down my goals in life and how I am going to achieve it. That makes me feel a lot better , because having a plan and taking a step toward it is far better than sitting and moping!So the next time I see someone who I can look up to, I can’t stop my feelings of jealousy and admiration, but I learnt to control it. I learnt to look beyond that and do whatever I have to do to get close to my goal.

“Others can be a great source of inspiration and learning for you, but don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself with them.They’ll always be someone richer, more beautiful,more successful more adventurous, more admired.Such is life.Instead of comparing yourself to them, be the best version of you”.

 6. Do what you have to do. Don’t expect results or appreciation from anyone.That is not your duty. ( This is my favorite lesson from The Bhagwad Gita).

7.Don’t go behind people or things. It’s just not worth it. Have your self-respect intact.If someone wants to be in your life they will always make an effort to stay. You don’t have to keep begging.

8.Stop getting too tensed and stay calm in any situation.

9. Don’t attach yourself too much to anything. Enough said :


10. Stop living in your past.Your past is your past for a reason. Leave all your past mistakes, guilts and everything where it belongs. The only reason you need to look back is to remember the lesson and not the mistakes! Learn to learn form your mistakes , not mop about them.

11.Don’t trust everyone and let people in easily. Appearances are deceptive. But when you trust someone, there shouldn’t be any what ifs or doubts in your trust. Be loyal.

12.Sometimes, you may not get what you want in life. But accept things as they come, strive for something better , don’t lose hope, if things are meant to be, then it will be yours.

13.Trust and have confidence in your abilities. No matter how many people belittle you and put you down , keep mum and act. You are more than you think you are.

14.It’s fine to put your ego aside to make relationships last.But there’s a thin line between ego and self-respect.Don’t compromise too much.You are important too. Walk away when you realize that you are the only one who is making efforts to make any relationship last.


 15. Don’t judge people. Don’t jump to conclusions. There’s always another point of view to a problem.Give the other person time to explain things, analyse and then decide. Hasty decisions are mostly always wrong ones.

How To Sync Your Heart and Mind To Improve your Decision-Making Skills

Authors : Vinoth. S , Monisha.B

Remember the numerous times when you found yourself in an internal crisis, your heart going after your desire, your mind warning you to not do that again!

Everyone of us have invariably gone through the struggle of decision making. All those voices in your head , the non-stop banter which is never ending..if only you could stop those two incessant voices! Its a situation none would have escaped!


 I bet , when most of you saw the question, you felt you had to  make a decision! You had to “choose” , between your heart and mind. Many times in life we don’t even realize that we don’t have to choose!  Life is not always about having to choose.The truth be said, it’s only when you stress yourself to choose one among two, that’s where the problem rises, sometimes, it’s not the decision that gives you the headaches!

We have to realize that we don’t have to be engaged in the constant battle between the two, sometimes you just have to let one decide.

If you see someone screaming in pain in an accident,then instead of panicking –  calm down your heart and let your mind to think logically. It’s one of the situations, where you should let your mind take over rather than your first instincts to stay away!

There are situations where we must let both go hand in hand. We should learn to balance both.

When you are seeing a child begging in the road , most of us pity the child , offer some money and mind our own business. But let’s stop for a while and think. Children should be educated , not left on the roads to beg for their needs. Use your logical mind at times too. Money might go in the wrong hands or for wrong deeds. Instead, try to offer some food or other basic needs, if you are very kind-hearted, take some steps to educate the child too!

Identify The voices in your head :

Your heart voice is very subtle and is often ignored.People call it the gut instinct. It doesn’t scream to be noticed, it comes as a soft warning and without logic.For some people , they experience it by “seeing images” in the mind, for some they “ hear a voice” for some, its just a feeling that something is not right.These signs are very subtle , pay close attention to it.

The minds voice has no problem in identifying itself.Its the one which is the loudest , practically screaming at you.Its the voice that stops you from following your instincts.But not every time we should find logic in our decisions.

At times, you should trust your gut. It never deceives you.

The best way to strike a balance :

The next time you can’t stop the voices in your head, just pause and pay attention to the voices,the language of the mind and the language of your heart. Those two seem to never agree , but when you are able to strike a balance between the two , that’s when you would have good decision making skills.

The best way to strike this balance is to observe yourself. Be your own watcher. Pay attention to the different voices.

The best way to strengthen the connection is meditation.When you are caught between two ends, don’t panic. Close your eyes and meditate. Learn to listen to both the voices.

“ Meditation is not running away from reality, its not a state of concentration, in fact its a state of de-concentration.Its a state of heightened conscious awareness”.

At times when meditation is not possible, just watch your breath.Relax your mind, shut it out, that’s when you will hear your hearts voice. Its when your heart speaks, your thoughts change course and when your thoughts change, your life changes !

Take control of your emotions. Do not attach yourself to emotions. Fell them , express them in the appropriate way and move on.

When you take control of your emotions, your thoughts change likewise.  When your thoughts change , so does your actions. Your actions are your habits in disguise. Your habits have the power to change your life!


Next time, instead of venting your anger out at someone , wait, don’t do the first thing you want to..don’t react. Wait and then respond.

Remember the age old adage ” practice makes you perfect” .Well, it applies here too.This is not something you can build in a day or two, it takes time and at the end you will be a more mature person in life.

Strengthen the heart-mind connection to have a better life. “ Follow your heart , but don’t forget to take your mind with you !”

When your heart and mind are in accord, that’s when you live a peaceful and harmonious life.


10 Amazing Things To Do When You Feel Low

Everyone of us invariably go through times in life when we feel low , thoughts of worthlessness  creep into our mind.These are times which challenge us to be “us”. At times, I was lucky to have a confidant, but at the end I learnt an important lesson.
Here are some of the things I’ve tried to do when I’m feeling low and all of them have worked out.So we all know that life is a roller coaster ride , everyone enjoys during the ups  but here are ways to find fun in the lows too..!
  1.  images-39
    “When life tries to bring you down , just dance!” 
     Sounds too simple and too good to be true right? But this is the first thing I’d resort to after a day full of unpleasantness.
    I seriously am no  “Dancing queen” , but still don’t we all love to dance when we hear our favourite song. After all everyone needs our share of “me” time , feel free to close your room and party!(if you feel very bashful)  Oh , don’t forget , the music on full blast.I guarantee you that maybe you may feel low at first, but after this, you are definitely going to feel awesome!
    2. Pick up a series of fiction :
    The words of Mason Cooley are so very true!
    When you read fiction you live a 100 lives. Momentarily you forget the problems of your life and you become so engrossed in your own fantasy world. Its good sometimes to just be able to shut out your problems and live the life of someone you’ll never meet!
    3. Talk to your confidant :Sometimes-talking-to-your-best-friend-is-the-only-therapy-you-need.jpg
    There’s no better cure for a low soul than just spitting it all out. What are your besties for when you can’t count on them when you need them the most. Just spit it all out to someone and I found that I don’t care if the person understands the problem, my anger and frustration is out, in the end that’s all we need , a person who cares enough to listen!
    4 Write ! : Not everyone of us are lucky to to have a listening ear at all times.That’s when your journal saves you. This is pretty simple and that’s why I love this.You just have to write your heart out, no need to worry about grammar and whether what you write makes sense too. Just let your thoughts flow out , let go of your fears, insecurities and everything that bothers you. Here’s another tidbit: your diary is too loyal to be judgmental!
    5. Cry it out : Sometimes, it’s alright to cry. I’m a person who wants my own privacy, I prefer to cry in the confines of my own home where eyes won’t pry at me. Crying it out with all the bouts of”why me” works out. You will definitely get the pain out of you. Actually I figured out that crying rejuvenates you!
    6. Exercise:
” Exercise is the most potent and under utilized anti-depressant”. Did you know that working out reduces feelings of depression and stress? When you exercise , your brain is involved in coordinating with your body which provides relief from the problem at hand. I’m not a fitness freak , but yes , you should try exercising a bit,
7. Positive affirmations : Did you know your subconscious mind is always paying attention to your thoughts and feelings.This will cause a huge impact on your personality and hence your life. That’s totally the idea behind The Law of attraction and it’s why you should be aware of your thoughts.
Have you tried telling yourself that it’s going to be alright? Try this simple exercise : Whenever you feel thoughts which pull you down , have anxiety attacks or you feel worthless , just steal a moment for yourself,close your eyes, acknowledge that thought and take a deep breath.Acknowledging means paying attention without attaching any emotions with it. Then it’s quite simple. You just have to say these words to yourself “I am a strong person. I’ve been through worse situations and guess what I emerged better than my problems.I will stay strong , no matter what”. This normally helps me and go ahead , be creative and try your own “positive affirmations”
8. Take a break and stop doing what your doing : There’s something weird about this.It’s that the reverse works for some people too. you know the kind who work till they drop to  hide away from their feelings. But personally, it says that you are weaker than your problems and you are scared of them. I don’t want to pay heed to those rubbish and you now what , I take a step further to prove my point.
“Anyone can run away , it’s super easy.Facing problems and working through them , that’s what makes you strong”
Be unique among those many people who just choose to run far away from what they fear.It actually leaves you ecstatic after you’ve faced your problems head-on. That feeling of awe and respect for yourself, that’s incomparable!
9.Play with pets :
Everyone knows this. Playing with pets is a huge stress-buster. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a  loving pet who just stares and adores at you as if you were the whole meaning for their existence? Cherish those moments , because it’s always the small things that make life worth it!
10. Listen to some inspirational things: This is too cliche but still if you are searching for immediate inspiration there’s an ocean out there to satiate your needs!
The bonus : Save yourself , stray clear of negative people : This has a huge impact on you.Always surround yourself with positive people.Please do yourself a favour and stay away from people who suck the energy out of you and demotivate you.
Do you remember the important lesson I learnt through all my lows. There always won’t be someone telling us it’s going to be alright.It’s all in us , it’s not the problem . but how we see it, that makes all the difference. It’s entirely up to us if we want to sit and cry letting the problems eat at you , or you can still be happy. It’s all what we perceive it to be.
Take solace in the fact that “Change is the only constant in life,Everything is temporary”.
You’ve had it in you before and you have it in you now. So cheer up and “live” your life.
Who said that you only live once? You live everyday and every moment. The choice is yours. Choose if you want to just “survive” or”live”!
Happy living , to all the inspiring souls out there (Yes, that’s you too)
P.S:Feel free to leave your comments and share your experiences on how you showed life that you were better than your problems.I’d love to know how you deal with your tough times.

What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You On How To Increase Your Self-Confidence!

Do you know there’s only one secret to master the act of self-confidence? Master this one technique and then your’e good to go.

Have you ever felt the need to be more confident about yourself? Do you want to be undeterred by your circumstances that you are the king of self-confidence?

Self-confidence is a skill everyone is after and it’s not something that can be achieved overnight, but it’s not too difficult to acquire too. With no further delay , to be confident about yourself, “Stop listening to what others say”. That’s it, it’s so easy!

Here are few other tips to increase your self-confidence.

  1. FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! : Have you heard of this old adage? It’s very crucial too!

    Keep following this. You may not get confident the very next second, but things like self-confidence and self-esteem are built upon everyday and not achieved in a day’s time. It takes patience. Do you think that all of those great speakers or those who you think are really confident, really are? Maybe some are, but inside everyone there is a twinge of doubt, you have to overcome it to move forward. In other words, you should be smart enough to not let it show.

    2.   Get out of your comfort zone : Challenge yourself to do things , you’ve never thought you would even try before.This is key. It may scare you, but remember if you don’t take a first step, you’re always going to be at the same place. 

Doing things out of your comfort zone makes you a little uncomfortable at first, but then you will get used to it and that’s where your confidence will build up!

3.  Follow the five second rule : Don’t think too much , sometimes it’s just best to do it instantaneously without worrying about the consequences. So the next time the teacher asks a question in class the first step: don’t fret!If you know the answer just say it. (Applicable to all situations too!) Allow your mind to decide only for five seconds , if you want to do it, don’t think just do it. It will save you the regret later and even if it’s wrong , come on, there’s nothing wrong. Everyone around you aren’t geniuses! Not everyone knows everything.

4.Let go of your fears and insecurities. People will judge you no matter what you do.Most often than not, we refrain ourselves from doing something, solely because we are not bold enough to face what people might say if it’s wrong.Don’t be that person anymore.

5.    Listen to your heart : This is key. Stop listening to what people say. There will always be people who will discourage you , but don’t care. Do what sounds right to you.Live  your life your way, not how people tell you to.

when you do something , there are always going to be people who will criticize you , no matter what. Stop paying attention to those people, they drain your self-confidence. It’s always best to be your own motivator or stick with people who have a positive vibe around them .It helps a lot.

P.S : Feel free to suggest your ideas and tips in the comments below! You never know when your words may make a difference in other people’s life!



Telepathy-The Complete How To Guide

Have you ever felt the sudden urge to call someone immediately or do you find yourself thinking about someone suddenly without any need to? Then ,voila, you have experienced telepathy. Though things like these happen to everyone most of the times, we rarely pay notice to it.

Have you long been fascinated by the idea of communicating with someone without actually talking to them. Or are you one among those who scoff at the idea? Either way, this post is for you!

We have all experienced a feeling of uneasiness prior to something bad happening. It may be a death of  a close family member or an event which may cause you a lot of pain. Most of us, if in tune with our instincts, have felt this.That’s also a form of telepathy.

Telepathy is mind-to-mind communication and everyone of us innately possess this ability,but rarely do we use it.However, what if we could use this dormant power consciously? 

The best part , telepathy does not require you to be a medium or a psychic! Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to communicate with only your mind!

  1. Relax : The first and foremost step before you start is being in a relaxed state of mind. It’s only when you are relaxed, all your senses are heightened and your subconscious mind takes over.Try practicing meditation or observing your breath until you’re in an ideal relaxed state,preferably in the alpha state.
  2. Visualize : This is a basic exercise which helps improve your chances of receiving or sending messages through telepathy. Imagine this scenario as you close your eyes : Imagine you’re in the park and sitting on a bench by yourself. You see a balloon seller and a young child. The child has 7 balloons in her hand,the colours of the rainbow. On by one, the child let’s lose the 7 balloons and you follow the balloons with your eyes till it reaches a point in the sky where, you can no longer see it. Repeat this for all the 7 balloons. Quite strenuous I know, but this enhances your visualisation skills which is quite mandatory for telepathy! Try to make this visualisation as vivid as possible!
  3. Find a partner and begin telepathy : This step is very crucial – the sender and receiver should both believe in telepathy. You should not have any doubts! 

First off , have a good mental image of your partner. If possible, before you start, look at their picture and try to remember as many details. Being vivid is key! Close you eyes and start imagining that your partner is sitting very close to you. You can also imagine that you have a transparent glass tube connecting your foreheads (symbolic to send and receive messages through mind) to improve your chances. An alternate way is to imagine that your partner and you are on the phone.

Later , start by imagining a very simple object, an apple for instance. Imagine it’s dark red colour , it’s juiciness and similar attributes. Again, make it as vivid as possible! Now, imagine that you’re sending the apple (your message) through the glass tube. 

It’s always better to infuse a lot of emotions and vividness to your message , because emotions are easily sensed than words and sentences. Here’s an example:You are so happy and carefree and suddenly you pass by a friend who’s very depressed and lonely and after a while of talking, you start to feel sad for no apparent reason. Have you felt this? If so, that’s how telepathy works, you’re sad because the other person’s emotions affect yours and the effect is more strong if you are very close to them! 

So, If you’re trying telepathy for the first time, there’s a high chance it will work, if you are doing it with someone you are emotionally close.

How to know if your message was sent ? : Other than the obvious calling and asking them, when do you stop sending your message? This is crucial. While sending your message , at a certain time, you will have this undeniable feeling that your message has been sent. This feeling can’t be faked. If you’ve been trying for 15 minutes and still  haven’t got this feeling, try at a later time.


During your first experience , it’s completely alright to feel a bit strange, but there’s nothing to fear. Embrace your abilities and nurture them.

Have a story or your first experience to share, feel free to comment below.

Dear Soldier

A heartfelt ode to the real warriors who stand there at the borders, in the biting cold , fighting so that we have our freedom. Salute to those selfless souls !

I’ll stand there by the door,
Waving uncertainly at your retreating figure,
With a smile I wish you could say was real!
I’ll write you letters,
With my trembling hands
And teary eyes.
A thousand words-
Can never tell you,
How much I miss you !
I’ll send you my love and my hugs,
I’ll tell you our country needs you,
Though I need you-
Like the air I breathe!
I say a silent prayer,
The days you hold a rifle.
I wait with bated breath,
A yearning in my heart-
For the day – I could caress your
Innocent smiling face,
For when I can be lost in your soulful brown orbs,
For when I can memorise your features – for the lonely days ahead!
Sometimes, a sick thought gnaws at my heart,
Tugging until it envelopes me,
Hope comes in your letter,
Saying you’re alright-
And I cry a happy tear,
My heart does a silent dance,
I know I’ll always share you-
With our country ,
Which you so loyally serve,
Days passing like a year,
Without you by my side,
Sleepless nights spent ,
With both of us miles apart.
Staring at your photo,
Tearing at your letters ,
All signed “Forever yours”!
That’s how I find my peace and hope,
Every day , for 6 months to go,
I yearn for you to come home,
While you stand there in the army fields,
My nation’s hero, with the rifle in your steady hand.
Come back safe and sound , my soldier!

Don’t Quit!

Emotions And Poetry

“Understanding is an art and not everyone are artists!”

This poem is not aimed at being inspirational, though it may sound like it. Its just a consolation for many people who are going through tough times. We may not know their problems, nor can we give them solutions, but we surely can empathise with them.

So for everyone out there, who is going through something difficult, just hold on , everything is temporary! Things will change for the better!

Oh, beautiful soul:

Don’t let today’s problems bring you  down,

Don’t let others’  words pierce your soul

Cry all you want,

But don’t you dare quit!

Respite for a while, but rise with hope

‘Cos you simply are no quitter!

Sometimes the road may be going uphill

But walk anyway!

Sometimes your life may seem , nothing but struggles ,

But fight anyway!

When you know you’ve had –

Your own…

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Though He’d Never Hurt..

A twisted guilt in a pure heart!

Emotions And Poetry

Oh! She knew ,

Deep down-

In the bottom  of her heart -she knew;

His life would go on.

She was naive

And innocent;

She was one who’d get hurt-

Instead of hurting;

She shushed her mind

But her conscience pricked her

She couldn’t hurt someone

When she had vowed-

She’d never do that awful thing-

She experienced a lot;

Little did she know-

She was the only one who’d hurt!

Deep down she knew-

He wouldn’t be hurt

Nor would he cry

For all she knew-

He couldn’t have cared less!

Still, it hurt her a lot-

Than it should have!

Though deep down-she knew;

She still had to wait-

For her heart to understand reality

And find peace and move on-

Knowing it never hurt him-in the first place!

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Selfless Friendship

Emotions And Poetry

You came into my life

When I was nothing short of a tempest

Uninvited, you broke through my barriers

The ones, that took me -eternities to build

It didn’t make sense, when you wanted to be my friend

You were there by me- my anchor of hope

I pulled you under, while

You gave me your light

A part of you, you lost ,

With everything you gave me

What you didn’t realize was

Yours was slowly fading away

But me- I was too selfish to let you go

You were my addiction- strong and sweet

Giving me all of what you had

Now I miss you , come back

Now let me be your anchor of hope

Now , I can give a part of me to you,

Please let me save you and me!!

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The 15 Day Rule

How many of us have been in situations where we just can’t decide and feel we have too many options. If  your’e one of those people , well, join the club!

When making a decision, especially when it involves a fight between your heart and brain, most of us , just get irritated , worn out and avoid making the decision altogether. But we do realize that we can’t keep running away from making a  decision.

Everyone of us know that decisions made in haste or anger or any heightened emotion for that mater , would always almost be wrong. Anger clouds our brain and reasoning ability. We ultimately end up regretting the decision.

This is one method I follow when I’m having a difficult choice deciding what to do. The ideal solution will be to relax your mind and avoid thinking about the problem the whole time.

If you are time-pressed , then follow this technique:

  1. Keep your mind engaged and away from the decision at hand. This is to make the mind calm so, it’s easier to make a good decision.
  2. For most of us, relaxing does not come naturally, especially when there is a major decision to be taken. But relaxing is major. Meditation and observing your breath can be very useful at these times.
  3. Meditating for half an hour is ideal. After you have calmed down, focus on the decision you need to take.
  4. List out all the pros and cons of it and analyse it with both your heart and mind.
  5. It’s very important for you , while taking a decision that you strike a balance between your heart and mind.

 Read more in this post on how to sync your heart and mind : https://archaicrhapsody.wordpress.com/2016/12/11/how-to-sync-your-heart-and-mind-to-improve-your-decision-making-skills/

If your fortunate and are not time-pressed to take a decision instantly , then what you have to do is quite simple.Just wait for 15 days! Yes, you read it right. But it’s not as easy as it seems.

For a few days, distract yourself from the problem or a decision you have to make.It’s going to keep popping up, but just avoid thinking about it for a long time. If it’s a hard decision you have to take, it’s going to make you more anxious,  which is exactly what we don’t want. When you let your mind loose, away from the problem, you will stop stressing about it and it will make things clearer in a different perspective. For most of us, after a few days, the problem/decision is not going to look so daunting as it seemed days before! It will make you take decisions with necessary logic, not completely blinded by your emotions.When you feel you are distanced enough from the problem(it doesn’t make you anxious), meditate if you want to feel relaxed and just go for it! Make your decision and voila, you have finally made that difficult decision!

So, happy decision-making!